Leading Authority on the Young Professional Experience in Columbus

The Create Columbus Commission (CCC) is a board of young professionals (YP), appointed and funded by the Mayor and City Council President to serve as the community’s foremost thought leader on young professional interests, experiences, and priorities. Through strategic community building efforts and a targeted YP grants program, the CCC strives to make Columbus the next great American city and the nation’s number one place for YPs to live, work, and play.

The CCC believes that the City of Columbus will be better positioned to attract and retain talent if there are YPs at the decision making table co-creating a forward-thinking city with a vibrant, accessible, and integrated urban environment that is a magnet for talent.

The CCC was established in 2007 by Mayor Michael B. Coleman, former Columbus City Council President Michael C. Mentel, and former Columbus Chamber of Commerce CEO Ty Marsh. Today CCC is funded through the City of Columbus and is accountable to its stakeholders, Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and City Council President Zachary M. Klein.