Empower + Advocate for young professionals shaping our city

The Create Columbus Commission works to empower and advocate for young professionals (YPs) shaping our city through civic impact; our efforts aim to support Columbus as the American city for YPs to make a difference, live their best life, and achieve their greatest potential. The Columbus region is home to the 8th highest concentration of YPs among major U.S. metros; elevating the YP voice is critical to our city’s economic success, urban density, and ability to retain and attract new talent from across the nation.

The CCC is an organization of YPs, individuals within the ages of 20 and 40, dedicated to identifying and supporting strategies and tactics that help Columbus attract and retain young and talented individuals.

The CCC works to advocate and pursue initiatives focused on:

  • Economic prosperity
    • Improved financial health and wealth
  • Co-creation
    • YPs at the table as equal contributors to the future of the region
  • Affordable Housing
    • Solutions to the growing affordable housing gap
  • Community
    • An inclusive community from the beltway to the Broad and High

Established in 2007 by then Mayor Michael B. Coleman, former Columbus City Council President Michael C. Mentel, and former Columbus Chamber of Commerce CEO Ty Marsh. The CCC separated association with the City in 2017 to allow further expansion, and independence, in advocacy and programmatic work. In 2018 the CCC became a recognized 501(c)(3).