Serve as Co-Creators

In almost every facet, Columbus is a different city today than five years ago.  As we continue to grow bigger, our competition gets more fierce, our successes more high profile, our expectations more demanding, and our problems more complex.  Nonetheless, amidst the unprecedented growth, Columbus’ spirit of collaboration endures and secures our ability to be intentional about the path we take forward in creating our city’s future.

The Create Columbus Commission believes that Columbus’ competitiveness will accelerate if young professionals are intentionally engaged as active collaborators and co-creators of the city’s future.  Having young professionals at the table as equal contributors will help the city avoid complacency, sustain a sense of urgency for progress, and commit to making forward-thinking change.  Columbus should make incremental steps to institutionalize equitable engagement of young professionals by:

  • Increasing transparency by maintaining accessible and up to date records of all appointments made by city and county officials.
  • Increasing and continuing city and county appointments of young professionals onto key boards, councils, task forces, and commissions (Ex: COTA, MORPC, CDDC, JET Task Force)
  • Regularly utilize the Create Columbus Commission as a thought leader on the young professional experience and leverage their ability to convene around important community issues
  • Formally recognize the talents and contributions of young professionals that are helping to shape our city’s future
  • Make it a priority to have young professionals represented at the board level of non-profits and community organizations