Steve Swift


Upper Arlington


Business Manager, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Community Involvement

President, Greater Ohio Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management; American College of Healthcare Executives Member; Columbus Metropolitan Club Member; American Cancer Society Volunteer; Big Brothers, Big Sisters Mentor Volunteer; Open Shelter, Columbus Volunteer; Clintonville Resource Center Contributor

I love Columbus because…

Columbus is truly an amazing metropolitan destination full of vibrancy, diverse people and businesses; all while being a great place to live, work and be active. Many of us have known this for years. However, more and more people across the world are learning this and coming to Columbus to be a part of what is an ideal place to pursue a sustainable career, maintain a healthy living and raise a family. I love Columbus for all of these reasons and the fact that we are always striving to stay on the cutting edge and make things better for our residents and the guests that come to Columbus.

I believe young professionals are important to our city because…

It doesn’t matter what you’re a professional of, people of all backgrounds, industries and career levels help make our city better each and every day. It’s truly inspirational that our city is structured in a way that allows each of us to contribute to the betterment of our communities and the city as a whole.

I am a Create Columbus Commissioner because…

I am passionate about our city and want to continue to be actively apart of the voices and actions that will lead Columbus into the future while creating the pathway for continuous change and improvement which will ultimately set Columbus up to be an even better city.