Densil R. Porteous, MBA

Chair, Emeritus


Victorian Village & German Village


Founder @ DePorteous Consulting

Community Involvement

Equitas Health Board Member, Vice Chair; Human Rights Campaign, Board Member; Legacy Fund Foundation Board Member; Venture Partner, The Pride Fund; Rev1 Ventures Advisor Network

I love Columbus because…

My life began when I came to college in Ohio and for eight years the greater Columbus region was all I knew. In this place I launched myself out into the world. It was in this place that I developed great friendships; which have evolved into new definitions of family. It was in this place that I learned to fail and was championed to succeed. It is in this place that I’ve felt no truer sense of community and its general desire to be better and do better for all.

I believe young professionals are important to our city because…

We sit at a generational intersection of transitional experience. The years 20 – 40 span such a spectrum of change and understanding in the way we interact with the world and the way the world interacts with us. Harnessing our combined general knowledge, and energy, can impact Columbus in transformational ways.

I am a Create Columbus Commissioner because…

As Columbus grows we have to acknowledge issues of access, equality, and equity in a vast number of our social, business, and governmental structures so as to ensure that we are intentional with our actions to deconstruct systems that perpetuate the noted issues within these structures. Being a part of Create Columbus I know that I am doing catalytic foundational work that will impact the city for generations.