Cassie Young


Harrison West


Government Program Innovator, Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Community Engagement

Cofounder, Matter News / Membership Chair, Harrison West Society

I love Columbus because…

It’s home. The pace of life is just right: not too fast, not too slow. The people are friendly and open and honest, compared to many places. There’s so much ingenuity and synergy to be found here if you put yourself out there!

I believe young professionals are important to our city because…

They are more open than older generations to collaboration and innovation, which are they keys to propelling Columbus forward. To enable Columbus to prepare for what’s next, their leadership in all aspects of our affairs is crucial.

I am a Create Columbus Commissioner because…

I resonate deeply with the mission, the philosophy, and the trajectory of the commission. I want to be involved with the types of people who sit on the Commission: dreamers, do-ers, and disruptors. If Columbus is to thrive in the future, young professionals must have an impact on shaping it into a city that works for all, including younger folks.