I hope each of you and your families are doing ok and what you can to stay healthy and happy amid this COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been a humbling reminder to see how people have come together to help others adjust in this transitional period to what, I think, we will see become a “temporary normal” at least through the next year. We, young people, are a population of individuals who understand how to work across divides to create communities and systems of success and I believe during this time young people will be the ones demonstrating the most transitional leadership allowing communities and systems across the globe to maintain if not thrive.

In a conversation with the CCC board I let them know that the CCC would have an impact to our organizational obligations, but none so critical that we needed to act now; additionally I noted that our focus should be on leveraging our voice to amplify resources popping up in the community for those most impacted by this moment in the COVID-19 pandemic. After additional conversation with the commission membership we have aligned that Create Columbus will:

  • Share COVID-19 resource information via our Twitter account:
  • Refocus 2020 grant dollars in support of programs/initiatives directly related to COVID-19 response impacting the YP population
  • Launch a $5,000 YP Fundraising Match Challenge to award flash support to orgs impacted by COVID-19
    • Follow us on Twitter to learn more and support our efforts by sharing with your community and by donating here:
    • Apply for a flash grant here: (until funds are depleted)
  • During this uncertain time continue to push and support bold and big things creating Columbus

Right now, there is enough evidence to support COVID-19 impacting the CCC’s work through the remainder of the year and as such I believe we need to act like an organization that operates virtually and engage work that way. During 2019 the organization took steps to create systems that allow us to communicate and do work across a number of virtual platforms–we were being forward thinking. So, in 2020, with the community’s continued partnership, we will persist and accomplish our work.

COVID-19 is like a rock thrown in the middle of a lake. The ripples are strongest at the beginning and fan out for quite a distance. The rock sinks to the bottom almost forgotten and the ripples can be seen for a time after the impact, slowly dissipating; we are working through the early ripples.

Thinking of each of you,



Densil R. Porteous