Established in 2007, by the City of Columbus and Franklin County partners, the CCC was bonded on the inclusion of a diverse group of young people’s voices at the table impacting and creating change in the community so as attract and retain a vibrant young professional population in the region. We separated association with the City in 2017; in 2018 we became a recognized 501(c)(3). Today we continue as an evolution of the passion and purpose of the engaged young professionals who came before.

OUR MISSION (aka what we do)

We empower and advocate for young professionals (YPs) shaping our city [through civic impact/engagement]; our efforts support Columbus as the American city for YPs to make a difference, live their best life, and achieve their greatest potential.

In relatively short time after inception the Commission became seen as a young professional leadership incubator/think-tank for the City of Columbus; the duality of purpose stays with the organization today. We are a self-selecting group welcoming the city’s purpose driven to join and commit to work. We have a desire to impact the fabric of the Columbus community so as to ensure the greatest opportunities for the greatest amount of people.


As a cross generational working group young people are the heart of of the American city; the leaders of today and tomorrow.

The Columbus region is home to one of the highest concentration, about 35% of residents, of YPs among major U.S. metros. Elevating the YP voice is critical to our city’s economic success, urban density, and ability to retain and attract talent from across the nation. [2018 US Census 1 Year American Community Survey https://data.census.gov]

At roughly 75 million strong, young people, ages 21 to 37, are the largest generational working segment in the U.S. Where they live and which places attract them don’t just reflect a generation’s desires, they also signal where the economy will grow. Young workers—and adults—are critically important for local growth. [https://www.brookings.edu/research/millennials/]

Young people span generations known as Millennials and Generation X; together these generations surpass Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation, according to population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials were projected to overtake Boomers in population in 2019 as numbers were protected to swell to roughly 75 million and Boomers decline to 72 million. Generation X is projected to pass the Boomers in population by 2028. [https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/03/01/millennials-overtake-baby-boomers/]


  • Externally we serve Columbus and its young people through advocacy and empowerment.
  • Internally we serve as an incubator growing, educating, and inspiring Columbus’ YP leaders.


Columbus Together is representative of a philosophy of inclusion; the fashion by which young people of Columbus work to move their efforts forward. It represents reaching out, connecting, and working with the community from the 270 beltway to the corners of Broad and High.

(Updated 06.2020)