Short North


Head of Connect Network Products at CrossChx, Create Columbus Commissioner, Startup Weekend Facilitator & Organizer

Community Involvement

Local organizer and global facilitator, Startup Weekend; local organizer, Columbus Startup Week; host, Columbus Songwriters Association Monthly Showcase; organizer, Party For A Reason; judge, Ohio Made Awards; writer, Wyandotte Sessions

I love Columbus because…

Anything you could desire is here. If not already, it can be built here. With a vibrant arts and music scene, and a growing technology scene, Columbus is a progressive city that’s getting noticed nationally. The city is very open and collaborative, making it a great place for young professionals and established families alike.

I believe young professionals are important to our city because…

Young professionals help push the city forward. While young professionals are not always the gate-keepers or the ones who directly hold the authority to make change, they are the catalysts. Young professionals are attuned to the national pulse and see trends coming. Combine that with the ambition to get ahead of the curve and make a mark, YPs are an incredible resource for building a city and culture.

I am a Create Columbus Commissioner because…

I absolutely love this city. Columbus is my home. I firmly believe Columbus can be one of the fastest-growing, most vibrant, and best cities to live in. Things are moving in the right direction, but I want to do my part to throw gas on the fire. The Create Columbus Commission is the perfect organization to lead that charge.